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Let your online shoppers browse your Magento store on their Android mobiles. Yes, MageMob Cart can be your native android mobile application, which can help your customers access your Magento store from their android phones and can shop on the go!

You can create your own mobile apps using the available features, displaying your products and services to your customers anytime, anywhere. You can even send them notifications for any offers and the orders shipped.

<strong>Core Features</strong>

<strong>Dashboard: </strong>You can display your promotional banners, best sellers, category banners and latest offers banners on app dashboard.

<strong>Menu: </strong>Display product categories with sub categories, Users Account Setting, Orders History, Wish list, Policies, Contact Us and About Us sections in the Menu Section.

<strong>Products: </strong>Your customers can view list view and grid view of products, can filter and sort products, select product attributes and view products images with full screen and pinch zoom facility.

<strong>Customers Reviews & Rating: </strong>Displays product reviews and ratings provided by your customers and registered user can give reviews and ratings as well.

<strong>Cart: </strong>Customers can access cart from anywhere in the app, can update, delete or add products to the cart and can use discount coupon codes as well.

<strong>Wish List: </strong>Wish list would hold all the wish listed products of customer.

<strong>Multiple Language Selection: </strong>Using this feature you would be able to display the option of multiple languages or store selection to your customers as per their convenience.

<strong>User Account: </strong>Your users would be able to review the previous orders and track it, manage billing and shipping addresses, change password and can also enable/disable notifications.

<strong>Theme Selection Option: </strong>You can select the desired theme with the color of your choice from the themes available.

<strong>Push Notification:</strong>Inform your customers using push notification about the offers, discounts, seasonal sale and other deals.

<strong>Checkout Process:</strong>Your customers can manage and select shipping and billing addresses, review orders, select shipping method and payment methods at checkout stage.

<strong>Payment Selection: </strong>You can provide the options of PayPal payment and cash on delivery. <em>Integration of other payment gateways is also available as per business needs.</em>

<strong>Social API Support: </strong>Your customers can login from their Facebook account to this application.

<strong>Google Analytics Integration: </strong>You can measure your customer interactions with the app using Google Analytics.

<strong>Value to Users</strong>

This app will help store owners to have a mobile app for their Magento stores easily having all the required features quickly! It will not only help them stay connected with their users any time, as their users can access the store from their Android phones, but it will also increase customer retention and better online visibility of their business.

<b>Note: This app is for demo purpose only. There are no real products, no real orders. Please do not submit any real information in application.</b>

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APK आवृत्ती 1.1.0
सुसंगती Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
निर्माता BiztechConsultancy
गोपनीयता धोरण https://www.biztechcs.com/privacy-policy/
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